The Latest

May 12, 2009

On May 7th, my oncologist, Dr Rudolph Wise, confirmed that I have Myelodysplasia – MDS. He recommended that I have a bone marrow transplant as quickly as possible.  Friends and loved ones often come to your support in hours of need and this time was no exception.  Many thanks to Dr Wise as well as a dear friend Ren and his contact Marshall for leading me toward MD Anderson in Houston.

As well as contacts through Dr Wise, I have also been able to share information directly with MD Anderson Cancer Center.  My son, Pierce, has been aggressive about getting an appointment with them and we will be there early the week of May 18th for a three to four day evaluation and to get a plan for treatment that will include a bone marrow transplant procedure relatively soon…depending on donors, etc.

We have chosen to focus on getting well there and know that the things we think are going to be difficult will be all worked out as we walk this path.

Today has been full of ups and downs, sadness, hope, tears and laughter.  We have found comfort from friends and family today.  A meal, a jar of homemade soup, a few visits from friends, calls from other family and friends who live many miles away, and a prayer bracelet carefully crafted for me by a group of caring women from a church nearby and delivered by a dear friend who came to visit just at the right time.

I am grateful for the kindnesses of those who took the time to reach out today as I saw God in each of the contacts.  I am grateful for the presence of my son, Pierce, as he shares his love and hugs with me freely.  They were especially appreciated that day.

I will continue to keep updates on my site as often as possible so those of you who want to know what is going on will be able to see these thoughts on a regular basis.  Thanks for your care, contacts and prayers.

Joellen and Pierce