Knot Hardly Done

Knot Hardly Done” handbags and pillows are a unique way to recycle mens’ ties. They can be designed with ties from a loved one or from our recycled collection. Part of the proceeds from each sale goes to Sharing God’s Love – a Christian community of volunteers sharing goods and services with families going through major transitions in their lives. Visit for more information.

You may send your personal selection of ties to P O Box 352, Irmo, SC 29063 or be prepared to select three colors from our stock. Standard colors you can select from are red, burgundy, blue, black, grey, brown, aqua, pink, yellow, green, gold. On some occasions, based on stock, we may be able to create a theme tie for you for a holiday flare, a favorite activity or a sports team focus. If you would like a theme tie, let us know and we’ll see what we can do. Please allow two to four weeks for each bag to be designed especially for you. Need it sooner? Call (803) 237-2365.

Feel free to contact Joellen Cook at or call directly at 803.237.2365. 

Ordering a bag or pillow? Please tell us the size you want below, as well as colors and patterns you would like if they’re available.

Small bags have 3 ties (8×7 to 9×8), medium have 4 (approx. 11×9), and large bags have 5 (approx. 12×10). All bags and pillows are $40 with $5 shipping.  We can “customize” the sizes within several inches of each. 

What do you prefer? bag (size) or pillow
What are some colors and patterns you prefer?

Samples of the many handbags and pillows made are shown below. Finished sizes vary depending on the width of the ties.

img_0321.JPG img_0281.JPG img_0283.JPG img_0284.JPG img_0200.JPG img_0196.JPG img_0198.JPG img_0195.JPG img_0285.JPG img_0286.JPG img_0195.JPG img_0199.JPG img_0280.JPG img_0287.JPG img_0288.JPG img_0291.JPG img_0292.JPG img_0295.JPG img_0300.JPG img_0301.JPG img_0302.JPG img_0305.JPG img_0333.JPG img_0535.JPG