Christmas Hospital Style

Many of us have Christmas family traditions. This Christmas was probably the same for many of us. 


For me I went back and forth from being able to go home to SC or to stay here. I developed some complications and had to stay in the hospital in Houston.

Our tradition of eating with friends and family just was not going to happen. Instead, I was in the hospital straight through the holiday. 


Not quite.

Christmas eve Pierce and our friend, Chelsea, brought in Christmas decorations. They hung the lights while I cut out snowflakes which now hang from the ceiling and covering one wall. We watched a movie and then the Pope’s annual Christmas eve service. 

Christmas day Pierce and Chelsea came over and we enjoyed present time and each others company. All this while I was getting platelets and two pints of blood. That process takes about eight hours for me. 

I gave Pierce his usual yearly ornament that falls in line with a tradition we’ve had since he was born. He shared with me a lovely silver charm bracelet. 

Volunteers came bearing gifts, my favorite being a stuffed teddybear. He won’t stand up on his own so he now hugs an empty bottle of boost to keep him upright. A lovely half size quilt in beautiful colors was also a welcomed and well used item.

Home for the holidays? 

Someone told me that Christmas is wherever you are. It’s true. Of course, we do not want to make being in the hospital for Christmas a tradition but for this year, it was the best it could possibly be. 

My wish for you today is that you celebrated Christmas with loved ones that steeps heavenly in tradition – no matter how crazy it can get sometimes. If not, resolve to do it next year. 

~ Joellen

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