A Thanksgiving Feast

Hopefully all of us had a good Thanksgiving and didn’t eat too much turkey.  I had not been feeling too much like eating but the days right around Thanksgiving I regained some appetite.  

On Thanksgiving day we went to be with friends on the outskirts of Houston and enjoy a traditional holiday meal with them.  The following day my friend George, from Lexington, SC, came to cook a deep fried turkey with all the trimmings.  That was a long way to come just to cook a turkey, but I was ever so grateful that he took the time to be here and do that for us.  The hostess we stay with, Bev, had just had a little outpatient surgery and didn’t really feel much like cooking so that worked out very well that George was able to do that for all of us.  We had a chance to visit, watch George cook the turkey in the deep fryer, and had a great time.  

The next day I got my transfusions and came back to the house.  George grilled burgers for all of us and then was off to make the 16 plus hour trip back to SC from Houston. 

The food was great, but the visit was more special than any of the rest of those holiday events.  That George would take the time to travel on Thanksgiving and cook for us the next day was very moving to me. 

My wish for you today is that you savor moments like this whenever you can.  They are often few and far between which makes them even more special when they do happen. 

~ Joellen

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