Alice and the Pink Flower

Yesterday I was on my way out of the transfusion unit after being at the hospital all day…12 hours to be exact.  I don’t know how the nurses do those 12 hour shifts, but I appreciate that they can do it. 

When I was leaving I met Alice. 

Alice works in housekeeping at the hospital.  I admired the lovely pink flower she was wearing and asked if it came from her garden.  She reminded me of my childhood mentor, Alma, who grew the prettiest flowers in her garden by the house and had her worn Bible on the stand out on the porch where she sat in a homemade rocking chair reading it.  

Alice pulled the flower out and it was actually a pen with a flower on the end.  A friend had made it for her.   

We began to talk and I found out that Alice was a woman of faith.  Our conversation quickly turned into her God and how good he was to her.  She reminded me even more of Alma – whose parents were slaves on the plantation she and her husband oversaw. Alma taught me much about faith and how good God was.  

We parted with Alice reminding me that God was good.  She said he would take care of all of us in his own special way…just like Alma said some 48 years ago.  

My wish for you today is that you watch and listen carefully as you go about your business day after day.  You, too, may find an Alice out there with a pink flower and a few words of wisdom to share.  

~ Joellen

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