There are those of us who remember Glen Campbell singing the love song “Galveston.”  I remember the song, but really did not know much about Galveston – at least until last year when Hurricane Ike hit there and destroyed much of it.  All I remember seeing left of Galveston on the news was the Wendy’s sign – still standing after the hours of beating the coast took.  

Back in 1995 my son, mother, and my Aunt Mary from Wales took a trip around the country.  I think I’m the reason they no longer have unlimited mileage on vans.  We put 8500 miles on a rental van in 30 days.  One of the places we went was to Galveston for my birthday meal on July 27th.  

We ate at Landry’s Seafood back then. 

I have been living in Texas since mid May getting treatment at the cancer center in Houston.  I have been to Minute Maid stadium to watch a pro baseball game and to several local museums as I’ve felt like it.  I really had forgotten that Galveston was so close to Houston, that is, until this weekend.

My sister came in for a surprise visit.  After a six hour transfusion we decided to go to Kemah – located near the Gulf Coast at the recommendation of a friend who went with us.  We passed NASA on the way and spent a great deal of time along the boardwalk in Kemah.  It was in the 70’s and perfect weather for doing that.  The gentle breezes blew in from the Gulf as we enjoyed watching the fishermen and feeding the catfish with my leftover crackers from lunch.  

We then decided to go to Galveston – some 20 miles away.  Pierce had been there several times with friends.  He wanted to show us how it had been built back up and – perhaps have dinner on the island.  

We took the “ Pierce tour” of Galveston.  It was obvious much of it had been rebuilt, at least on the main street right.  Vicki had never been on the Gulf Coast so it was all new to her. After the tour we decided to eat at Landry’s.  We were not disappointed at the food and it certainly brought back memories.  

The next day we called Aunt Mary in Wales to tell her where we went.  She still remembered our trip to Galveston.  It was great to reminisce.  

My wish for you today is that you enjoy trips – either near or far.  They make life richer and full of – hopefully – positive memories.

~ Joellen 

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