I was enjoying a new friendship the other day when I used the word “caddywhompus.”  

While I’ve used this word all my life as a southern girl, I didn’t really even know if it was in the dictionary…and my spelling of it was wrong when I wrote it down. It appears that the “formal” urban definition of caddywhompus is crooked, uneven, broken, ass-backwards and sideways. 

 I describe it as “not quite right.”

So with this thought in mind, what is caddywhompus in your life?

I know we all have things that are not quite right or need to be straightened out.  Some of us go the rest of our life not dealing or avoiding them.  Things that aren’t dealt with in a timely manner can eat at our souls and cause us to not embrace life as much.  

Others deal with things right away and do it in a respectful and thoughtful manner.  They go on down life’s road knowing that, sooner or later, another roadblock will be there to deal with.  The difference is that they have developed the resources and skills to deal with them as yet one more life adventure.

My wish for you today is that you deal with all the caddywhompus events in your life as efficiently as possible so you can get it right and be as happy along life’s roads as possible. If you make the wrong choice, there is almost always another something you can try.  

~ Joellen

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