People are Crazy

Billy Currington sings this country song – People are Crazy.  It’s about two men meeting up in a bar, getting a few beers, and talking a long time about life, family, God, the women in their lives, politics and what they did when they were younger.  They talked about what brought the much older man to Ohio and he said he really didn’t know why he was there. Billy sings what the old man says – “God is great, beer is good and people are crazy.”

They heard the “last call” at 2 a.m. and parted ways.  They never saw each other again. 

Some time later the singer discovers the old man’s picture on the front page of the local newspaper.  Seems he was a millionaire and the story continued that he left all his money to a guy he barely knew in that town.  The article said his kids were mad as hell…and then the singer goes on to say he’s doing pretty well.  He went to thank the man and prayed at his grave with a six pack in his hand as he said “God is great, beer is good and people are crazy.” 

One assumes from the song that he is the man who was the recipient of the money left to that stranger.  

I don’t know if you know any crazy people, much less crazy people who are millionaires but I don’t think I do.

I love the idea that that old man was looking for someone to talk with and share his story with and found the stranger in that bar.  I love the lesson Billy sings that you just never know about the people you come in contact with.  Sometimes it just takes a small thing like and smile and a hello for someone who seems to have little direction and needs a gentle soul nearby.  Sometimes, we are in the right place at the right time.  If you think about it, maybe it’s no accident after all.  Maybe you are there for a reason at each place you go during the day.  

I don’t think we give as much credit to things happening for a reason.  I suspect many of us just do not stop to talk or smile at someone who needs that little attention because we have lives that are so fast paced or focused on only ourselves.  

We are staying right now with an angel – Bev – who opened her home to us while I continue treatment as an outpatient here in Houston.  She is a fine example of someone who knows that it is no accident she comes in contact with people that need a tender soul around.  She knows that offering something as simple as a hot shower and a quiet place to sleep a few hours in between medical appointments at the hospital is helpful.  She knows it is no accident that her path crosses those in need on a daily basis. 

Do you stop to see who needs your help each day?  Do you look for ways to help others or do you just grab all you can in a day – oblivious to things and others around you?  Are you concerned that you might be considered crazy by your family or friends for talking to “strangers” or other random acts of kindness?

My wish for you today is that you take the time to see who comes across your path and reach out to them.  It can be simple or complicated…after all, God is great and not all people are crazy….just there at the right time.

~ Joellen

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