A Special Four Legged Friend

I met her 18 years ago.  She was a beautiful little white fur ball who was dedicated to her owners. They named her Cotton. 

They decided to pursue getting her when they saw an ad in the pet section of the newspaper saying that she had a “sweet disposition.”  

She did have that sweet disposition and her owners came to love and adore her as a family member.  “She was smart, feisty, and courageous, too.’ Kevin’s wife, Carol, said.    The owner before couldn’t keep her because he traveled too much.  When he brought her to their house to show her to them, Kevin took her into the backyard.  Cotton ran around – loving that big yard.  When she found the stream and ran through it, Kevin saw a spark of joy in her eyes that made him know that she was the dog for us.  She was ten months old.

Through the next 18 years Cotton was one Carol and Kevin’s family.  After declining health she died yesterday – some 18 years later.  

A long time ago, Carol told Cotton, “You bring me so much happiness, and one day you will break my heart.”  Yesterday was that day.  

Carol and Kevin know their lives were better because Cotton was and always will be part of them.  I’m just as sure that her life was good because of the love and care of her loving owners.  

My wish for you today is that you experience the love of a four legged friend sometime in your life.  Your life will be richer for it.  


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