You Know Who You Are

Over the past few weeks I have been in and out of the hospital twice.  This has been an eye-opening experience that one can only imagine unless they have been on the other side of this service industry.   

I’ve met with a range of emotions that include appreciation, disgust, love, genuine care, disappointment, humiliation, amazement, humbleness, anger, laughter and dread.  

I’ve seen people do their job well and with integrity.  I’ve seen other people do their job with a great lack of integrity and arrogance as well as seen a professional actually lie about a fact – and do it three times.  I’ve seen someone do an extremely poor job of care taking for someone in their hour of need due to personal shortcomings they have yet to take care of, and hide behind God to do it.  

It’s been an amazing journey.   

At the other end of those two hospital visits I have come away a bit healthier. I am on my way to a procedure in a number of weeks that should help to take care of my body’s needs and, hopefully, help me get back to normal. 

99% of my experiences have been positive. For those who contributed to my well being in a positive and uplifting way, I thank you again.  You know who you are.  I appreciate that you do your job never expecting us to be grateful, but being humble when we remember to say thanks.  

For the other 1% of you, I hope you never have to deal with a professional who does to you what you did to me.  Yes, I am very aware of what you did, though you likely thought you were pulling the wool over my eyes.  You will likely not even read this, but, if you do, you – too – will know who you are.  I hope you find a place in your heart where you will grow beyond those behaviors that are very unbecoming to you and be the person you are meant to be. You have so many talents and it’s never too late to become better at who you are.  

My wish for you today is that you never have to go into the hospital because of an illness.  If you do find yourself in there, I hope you find only those that represent integrity and that they nurture you back to be who you are meant to be. 

~ Joellen

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