Nothing Could be Finer…

I’ve been traveling in North Carolina this week.  When I do travel, I love to get a feel for the area I’m in.  That usually includes food and finding the local personalities that make the area special.  

Though I have a GPS system, thank goodness, I often have to turn around if my mind and eyes have taken me in a different direction than the GPS says to go. 

This week was no exception.  My son and I were on the way to see where a friend works and I missed the turn.  The British male voice on the GPS said “recalculating” quickly.  I decided to take matters into my own hands and turn in the parking lot of a nearby business.  

“Wait, wait.” my son said.  “If we turn here we have to go in.  Drive around back.” 

I smiled as I drove to the back of the building and around.  

He had been to the Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill area a bit more than me, but how in the world did he know this place?  It was a very unassuming, laid back kind of establishment.  

I quickly saw why it was memorable to him as I arrived at the back of the property and slowed down.  There was a lovely clearing with picnic tables sprawled over green grass.   

“You can eat out here when the weather is nice.”  He continued.  “This is really great BBQ.  Lets go in.”

We pulled around front, got out of the car, and stepped through the doors.  It was a simple place inside.  A big grin came across the face of the man sitting there.  

“Thought you were lost.” He said.  “We were having a staff meeting and saw this woman with a big smile on her face driving through our lot. You won’t believe how many lost people turn around here.” He continued.  

We were quickly engaged in conversation with Kevin, the owner.  My son explained he had been there several times and liked their BBQ.  We decided to get a plate that allowed for both of us to get what we wanted. 

While we waited for it, we visited.  Seems Kevin had decided to open about a year ago.  He serves all kinds of tasty BBQ treats.  There are plenty of choices for the hungry visitor.  

The food came.  It was very tasty.  I had chicken.  He had pork.  The sides were just as scrumptious as the meat.  I was hooked.  But not just because of the food.  Kevin was a cool guy and had lots of stories to tell. Being a storyteller myself, we were quickly talking about the country, the people, and even the local activities – some of which I am part of in SC and was curious about in the area.   

I’ll definitely remember my visit there at Smokey’s BBQ Shack located at 10800 Chapel Hill Road (Hwy 54) Morrisville, NC 27560.  They’re open every day but Sunday… . I even hear they cater and the folks I know who have used them before say they are the best.   

Kevin was delightful.  The food was fantastic, and I have a great memory of good times there now.  I would highly recommend it and encourage you to stop by, smile as you drive around back and wave.  Then I suggest parking out front, open that red door, and enjoy a great meal either inside or out on one of the many picnic tables out back.  You’ll be glad to stopped by for BBQ -  North Carolina style.  Nothing could be finer.  

My wish for you today is that you discover the pleasures of your community as well as the ones you visit.  There’s sure to be a reason people call it home.  Discover why they love living there and savor the flavor of the area.  

~ Joellen


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