Why are YOU Here?

Many of us – at least those around here – live our lives in relative peace.  We have enough food, a nice enough home, a car or some other reliable means of transportation,  we don’t worry too much about our safety and walk about life daily in relative security, and we are …  well … just blessed.  

Often, the only thing we worry about day in and day out is when something didn’t go our way or we had a disagreement with our loved ones.  

Yep …  truly blessed … I’d say – considering the world situations we see and hear about these days.  

So think, for just a moment, why are we really here?  

Why are we in the very place we are in, while we are reading this, instead of some other place where – if you dare walk outside – you could be shot or beaten just for the sake of it? Why aren’t we the ones who don’t have food on our table and have to depend on someone dropping food from an airplane to survive?  

Life isn’t quite that black and white because there are life situations that cause even our closest neighbor grief and pain.  There is heartbreak. There is illness. There is daily hurt – none of which should be minimalized.  There are crosses to bear even here…just different kinds. 

I was recently talking to a dear friend who has a mother who is extremely unhappy and lonely.  Both the mother and the daughter have lovely homes and are financially stable.  The daughter lives in the same town as her mother and she reaps much of the negative, degrading, unhappy comments the mother throws her way almost daily.  The mother has isolated herself to a point where she has no friends.  

As a single working woman the daughter is at the point where she doesn’t want to be around her mother.  She loves her, but it comes with such a price that she can hardly bear to be near.  Their Sunday ritual of going to church together has even become a nightmare.  The mother wants them to travel together. Knowing the disagreements and negative atmosphere will get in their way of having a good time the daughter refuses to take the mother on a trip.  

I suspect the mother is depressed.  I suspect she is lonely.  I know the mother needs help but refuses to talk with anyone who might offer relief and peace.  I have even suggested that to the mother and she has agreed she is depressed but is “shaking herself out of it.” Her religious beliefs keep her from suicide…but she is living a daily struggle.  She even speaks badly of me to her mother suggesting that I have shortcomings in many areas of my life.  

This is a very sad situation. 

It’s not always easy to listen to this but I care deeply for my friend and listen as well as possible.  One day she talked – non stop – for over half an hour about her mother.  She finally stopped and said “Oh my, I just rambled on way too long about this! How are you?”  

Bless her.  

There are reasons we are in situations we find ourselves in.  Maybe we are the change agent.  Maybe we are the friend or the relative that can help bring change in a positive way.  Maybe we are the one thing that keeps someone’s life sane.  Maybe we are the ray of hope for someone. 

Maybe, maybe, life is just a little bigger than our challenges.  

My wish for you today is that you think about your situations and resolve to be a part of the solution…not part of the problem.  Reach to your resources whether they be religious, medical, or just a friend.  Maybe then, you will find the peace and meaning in life.  Dare to reach beyond yourself to make a difference in the world.  Maybe that is one of the reasons you are here?  Life is too short not to take a chance to make things better. Just make sure you take care of yourself while you do it.  

~ Joellen

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